Camera / DVR General Power Supply 12V 2AMP

Product Code: SR-PSU-12V 2.0A
Reward Points: 4
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Camera / General Power Supply 12V 1000mA

Product Code: SR-PSU-12V1000MA
Reward Points: 2
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Four Way Power Splitter

Product Code: 4WY-PWERSPLTR
Reward Points: 2
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Records Full HD/2.0MP @ 30fps

• 2 x fixed lens

• Live camera view and GPS tracking

• Windshield-mounted

• Two-way voice communication

• Email/app alert & sent footage

• Monitor driver behavior

• 9-axis G-sensor

• 450mAh external battery

• Playback and record footage on microSD ~ 32GB

  • Control a variety of PTZ & DVRs with keyboard
  • Features RS485, RS422, USB, RS232 & RJ45
  • 3D joystick control of PTZ functions
  • Preset position, auto scan, auto pan
  • Auto tour & pattern control
  • 3.2’’ on-keyboard LCD with user menu
  • Operation/procedure tips