Swann SWNVR-87400H 4MP 2TB Recorder 8 x SWNHD-819 Dome 4MP Cameras 8x Cat5e 18Mtr Cables Remote Viewing via Smartphone and PC/MAC

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SKU: SWNVK-874008D

Product Description

Swann 4MP 8 Channel NVR with 8 x NHD-819 Dome Cameras


Here is a great kit perfect for home or small business. This CCTV Security Camera kit consists of an 8 Channel Recorder with a 2TB Hard Drive, 8 x SWNHD-819CAM Dome 4 megapixel indoor or outdoor security cameras. The cameras are capable of up to 30 meters night vision and the 4MP image resolution ensures you get clear usable footage of any incidents that might occur.

The Swann 87400 series NVR includes a 2TB HDD to store your recorded footage and can be connected to your existing TV screen or computer monitor using the VGA and HDMI outputs to watch live or review recorded footage. We understand that not every kit may suit every customer and that you may only require 7 Bullets or 1 Dome and so on.  We customize CCTV Security kits every day, it is not hard for us to pull out one or 2 cameras and swap with another style.  Please call us for your customized requirements.

Key Features:

8 Channel system allowing you to add cameras as your needs change Includes 8 4MP Extreme HD Dome cameras capable or recording 75% more detail than HD cameras Cameras have powerful night vision, allowing you to see up to 30m at night and are weather proof Each camera has a microphone allowing you to hear what’s happening View live cameras remotely on your smartphone or iPad

What’s in the Box?

All items listed are new in original manufacturers packaging
* 1 x SWNVR-87400H CCTV Recorder with a 2TB Hard Drive * Power Supply for Recorder (Powers Cameras also)
* Network 1.8Mtr Cable for connection to router for remote viewing
* 8 x 4MP Dome security Cameras with 80º angle of view and Day & Night Vision
* 8 x Cat5e Camera Cables – both Power and Video/Audio
* Mouse,  HDMI Cable & Power Adapter * Mounting Screws and Plugs
* Operating Instructions
* Theft Deterrent Stickers
*Note:  Product contents may change without notice.

Wired or Wireless?

This is a common question asked, do I need to run cables?  For long term trouble free operation and reliability, it is always better to run a cable.  Most of our kits on this site require the installation of a cable to each camera, the cables then simply plug into the recorder, turned on and the system works. You do not need to configure the cameras as they will work out of the box. Wireless cameras, although convenient often fail due to interference, battery problems or simply due to the technology, having said that – occasionally running cables is not an option and wireless is required.  Please see our range of wireless security camera systems.

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